Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nook vs. Kindle: Page Turning

My first ereader was a Sony, but I quickly wanted something more, partially because I wanted access to ebooks only available through Amazon/Kindle. So, I recently obtained a 5 inch tablet phone with Android's operating system. I downloaded both the Nook and the Kindle tablets and set to reading.

Here is one petty gripe while comparing the two reading experiences. The Kindle For Android app shifts blocks of text to the left or right with a finger tap. Nook For Android gives the reader a little animation of a page -- as a sheaf of paper -- turning. I find this aspect of the Nook's app mildly annoying. After all, I read ebooks because I want cheap access to written content, not because I want to "feel good!" about reading. If I wanted the comfort of seeing a real page being turned, I would go to my bookshelf and pluck out a volume of a real book -- one with pages made from tree pulp.

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