Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nathaniel Lambert -- The Horribles

When it comes to genre fiction, writers often walk a line of explaining too much or too little about a monster's or villain's back story. Unfortunately, this usually comes at the price of the story's focal point: the lead character. Thankfully, Nathaniel Lambert skips this problem completely.

The Horribles from Grindhouse Press tells the story of Sheldon, an agoraphobic recluse. At an early age, he witnessed the brutal murders of his parents at the hands of strange bikers. As a adult, he is eventually forced to face those bikers again ... only, they're not exactly human. The story is a personal arc, of sorts, focused more on how Sheldon must change once he's forced out of his house by circumstance. Some readers may feel unsatisfied with how the mythology of the monsters is largely unexplored, but then again, this is Sheldon's story, not the bikers.

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