Sunday, April 17, 2011

Andersen Prunty -- My Fake War

Andersen Prunty's My Fake War reads like an absurdist's response to the George W. Bush decade. It's a story about Saul Dressing, a fat and middle aged public library employee who is drafted into the United States of Everything's army. He is sent to a small unheard of country to provoke, and then declare, war. Only, when he gets there, Saul meets a lizard man named Bob. Eventually, Saul returns home on a flying robot that farts out flames -- only to find that his draft officer has taken up living in his house.

Essentially, this ebook starts out goofy and remains goofy all the way through. One can easily get a sense Prunty has a philosophical and political underpinning at work, especially with how the ebook ends. Still, as fun as this book is, it doesn't have some of the resonance of Prunty's other work.

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