Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rock Bottom And Upwards

This is not something I'm going to comment on a lot publicly. My life has been a train wreck the past few years. Depression can not only impact you, but everybody around you. Sleep apnea killed my higher ed career. I lost my mother to cancer. I figured out I had ADHD badly. I lost my home during the housing bubble rupture. It was too much to swallow, and because I couldn't process all of that my wife of nine years became fed up with me being miserable to be around and left me many months ago. For good, too, even though we're still friendly. (The last bit is something I'm definitely not talking about on the internet after this post. We've kept it off Facebook, for instance). Only, I'm done carrying that weight around. I'm just trying to be a happier person one day at a time, and it starts with headphones, music, and going to the gym. Often. Even though I hate the gym. The point is to exercise, eat better, and take herbal supplements for ADHD. In short, to take better care of myself. I can either be a whiner or somebody who actually does something. And that's what I want to be. A doer.